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Any doctor can learn the physiology of medicine, but compassion is what makes a great physician. This is what we strive to be at Texas Tech. For pediatricians, it’s always an honor to care for children. We are at the frontline of their advocacy and can make an impact on the community based on how we care for them.

— Shannon Herrick, M.D.

Regional Chair & Associate Professor, TTUHSC Department of Pediatrics

Texas Tech Health — Pediatrics

Children are special and they need exceptional care to make sure they grow happy and healthy. Texas Tech Health trains and provides pediatricians that are highly-educated and adapt to the needs of their patients through all stages of their life from newborn or adolescent.

From training doctors at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center to providing care at Texas Tech Physicians, pediatric care is foundational to a child’s current and future health, and that’s our pediatric team’s number one priority.

What Makes Us Different?

Texas Tech Physicians is the official practice of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, which means our clinics deliver academic medicine, where knowledge and pioneering research connect with compassionate patient care.

But what is Academic Medicine? Academic medicine means that your care is shaped by the insights of professors, doctors, medical students and researchers who work to keep you healthy while advancing the future of medicine. This unique balance of compassionate care and specialized treatment allows our team to provide the latest in medical discovery and the best possible care, from the lab to the doctor’s office.

Baby being held by doctor

At our Texas Tech Physicians locations, you receive the latest and greatest in medical discovery along with a great patient experience. We have some of the most specialized doctors in the region and strive to provide the highest standard of medical care for pediatric patients. Whether your child needs a general pediatrician, cardiologist, or anything in between, you don’t have to travel far to find care for your child.

But more than the services we offer, we care about children in our community. Our pediatricians prioritize the overall wellbeing of children. From educational opportunities to promoting literacy through Reach Out and Read, our team does everything we can to truly make an impact.

We understand it’s a huge responsibility to take care of a child, and we take the job seriously. Learn more about our services and pediatricians here.